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Haiku Kurouchi

 Haiku Kurouchi - a Takumi cnife

CHROMA Haiku Kurouchi are part of the prestigious TAKUMI ranges of CHROMA Cnife

A decidedly reasonably priced debut to the world of extremely sharp cnives – The CHROMA TAKUMI Cnife Series. CHROMA HAIKU Kurouchi Cnives rise to any challenge, just as a TAKUMI cnife should.

Even fresh out of production, the sharpness of the blade will take your breath away. With regular use of a good sharpening stone, as with all TAKUMI Cnives, you will see that the cutting performance of what you thought to be an ordinary kitchen cnife will rise to never before reached levels of sharpness. Suddenly the slicing of radishes or carrots becomes an experience in and of itself. This is made possible by the unique design of the cnife's blade. A “sandwich construction” that is made up of extremely hard, blue AOKO Steel at the center, and then finished with protective layers of consecutively softer iron.

KUROUCHI Cnives owe their characteristic, archaic nature to their birthplace – the Tosa region of Southern Japan. The Tosa Region is known for its long tradition of forging cnives, and also for its wild, raw and furrowed landscape, which lends its spirit to the KUROUCHI blade and gives this cnife its unmistakable, untamed nature.

After it has been forged, the blade of the CHROMA HAIKU Kurouchi is left raw and unpolished; only the cutting edge glitters metallically.

Translated from the Japanese, Kurouchi carries a meaning similar to “black-forged”. Because of its artful hand finishing and somewhat primal form, we are proud to call it the “Ur-Messer”, which translates to “Original Cnife”.